Friday, 16 July 2010

A return to blogging.

It has been awhile since I was last writing something for a blog, I think two years have gone past, and the strange thing is, that it has both gone in a flash, and dragged on too. That might sound crazy, but days when I am in a lot of pain from my Cauda Equina seem to drag on interminably, but the days with less pain seem to just fly by. Days when I am down last for decades, but days when I am happy, though they are few, they seem to go by in a blink of an eye.

It is hard for me to sit and write, physically the pain is too much even after just a few minutes of sitting up, and also the many drugs I take ruin my memory and concentration, that is when they are not making me drowsy. That has been a hard thing to loose, writing was a great help in letting me express myself and feel that I had some part of society. When you are agoraphobic, then that curtails just how active a part you can play in society, going out and interacting with people physically is something that we take for granted until the time that suddenly, you are no longer able to do it. Then you realise just how critical it is in getting most things done. We might have become a high tech society, but face to face dealings are still a major part of how we conduct our lives. Lets not forget that even our hobbies and leasure depend on that social interaction, cut that off, and it can be more debilitating than physical disabilities.

I guess on this new blog, the first thing I will do is to upload all my old blogs, so they are in one place, and then when pain and meds allow, I will try and keep it updated.


  1. Hemit, Thanks so much for sharing. I am happy t be your first follower! Congrats on blogging again. I look forward to keeping up with it!

    Much Love,

  2. it has both gone in a flash, and dragged on too

    I hear you! I've been off work for nearly two years and feel much the same about the period.

    Great to see you here, and I look forward to following :)


    P x